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Written by Northe   
Tuesday, 26 July 2005 10:38

What is Angry Time?  Angry Time is a look at one man's life, Northe's life, and an examination of the every day things that we of the working class in America deal with.  If you are observant in your day to day life, you will find your similarities with the tales Northe tells and might even find yourself pitying, connecting or even raging with him.  Angry Time is Northe's place to vent.. his medium to relieve the pressure of wanting to commit heinous acts of murder yet knowing his life would suffer for it.  This is the only way he knows how to deal with the idiocy that closes in on him like darkness every time he goes to work.. even when he steps foot out into the world.  Most people have that small infection of devilry hidden in the back of their minds that is always squelched due to human decency, empathy or out of sheer cowardice.  Northe believes this voice.. this, muscle of unending hatred should be exercised, embraced, celebrated even.  Read along, lose yourself in what he deals with and just maybe in the end when you have ground your teeth down to nubs you may be able to call yourself an Angry Timer.

Disclaimer: All of which you are about to read is true.  The facts have been rearranged to protect the anonymity of Northe.  If you know him, safeguard his secrecy and say a prayer for his sanity.. as this entire portion of this post he has been speaking about himself in the third person and we all know that is truly unhealthy...


Every job starts off as something of a blur. You walk in and everything is abuzz. Those that are assimilated to the workplace are in gear and handling their biz. The first few days you are looking for something familiar and where exactly you are gonna fit in this machine. Perhaps a friendly person or two actually shows you the ropes and makes you feel that everything is gonna work out. That's how I remember every job before this one anyway..

This is the original "cast" of Angry Time, as you read through the stories you will be introduced to new characters and will have to make your own organized character sheet in your mind cuz its too much work for someone as surly as myself.  Oh, and all the ages of the "cast" are as of July 2005.  Do the math so I don't have to constantly update this section.


Male Boss

Age: 61
Status: Legal Immigrant from Azerbaijan .. no joke.
Position: Chief Liaison
Voice: Gorbachev
Noteworthy: Struggles with English

Female Boss

Age: 52
Status: Native New Jerseyite
Position: Male Boss' Business Partner
Voice: Straight outta Jersey
Noteworthy: No Spoilers Here

The Professional

Age: 40
Status: Legal Immigrant from Germany
Position: The "Go-to Guy"
Voice: Exactly like Schwarzenegger
Noteworthy: Sense of Humor


Age: Unknown
Status: African Gray
Position: Unlawful Sidekick to Male Boss
Voice: Like Male Boss' father according to Female Boss
Noteworthy: Loves me

The One

Age: 9
Status: Dog
Position: Female Boss' needy companion
Noteworthy: Untrained


Age: 6
Status: Another Dog
Position: Usurper
Noteworthy: Pugnacious


Age: Puppy
Status: Puppy dog
Position: "I call the big one Bitey"
Noteworthy: Nameless dog we call "Puppy"


Fairly normal workplace, as you can see.. aside from having ALL these animals on the premises while trying to conduct business. We are business liaisons for some big name companies. Our business is making people happy. We run shop out of Male Boss' investment property. Things get kinda crazy. Welcome to my world. Oh and by the way, if you have already forgotten, its all real.

To get things started follow this link and read through the posts chronologically. Enjoy yourself.

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