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Written by Northe   
Wednesday, 14 December 2005 00:00

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories.

You want my fuckin Angry Time entry for today?  You fuckin people in-mailing me about getting a post up.  You want it, you got it!

My fuckin day has consisted of so much hectic crap its insane.  First off, Female Boss and Male Boss start the day off at noon, cuz we all know thats when the work day starts, with yelling at each other over irrelevant bullshit.  Screaming shit.  This makes me feel great.  Let me tell you, it gets way fucking out of hand.  Then you have Demonseed start screeching in the background challenging them all to the duel of fates that they simply cannot win.  Demonseed starts piercing and rupturing the ear drums of both of them and they finally shut the hell up.

No, that's not it.  Thats just the start.  From there we have Male Boss getting on the computer and every 2 minutes asking me how to do something.  The same fucking programs day in and day out for who knows how long and he still doesn't get it.  They're pretty much accounting, tracking and database programs.  I mean its not rocket science, we aren't coding.. we are opening, modifying and closing files.  Its fucking basic.  This is why I would rather just take the work load.  I gag at the sight of incompetence.  It makes me lick my chops in anticipation of cannibalization.  Fuck everyone.

So after that fuckin episode, I get to listen to The One whine, cry, yelp and whimper for 2.5 yes, two and a half fucking hours!  Never quitting, never getting any weaker, same fuckin tone and fervor as the very first yell.  Why is the little bitch crying?  Cuz Female Boss decided that it would be a good day to go to the spa.  Sure why not?  We only have two deadlines to meet today!  Deadlines that I have no authority in completing.  But go, its in the company's best interest.  It might as well be Europe in here.  Issue her her government check to maintain her lifestyle and not do jack shit.  You fucking socialists.

Then, at the end of the day, Male Boss comes back in.  This is the last hour and change.  I started a tally.  The question he was asking is not important, its worthless and will make no sense to you folks.  The fact of the matter is that in the course of just over an hour he asked me the same question 11 times.  Eleven fuckin times, double checking the answer.. trying to imprint the 5 word phrase that is the answer in his head.. trying to translate it backwards and into Russian for all I fuckin know.  I have no fucking clue but if you can't retain information maybe thinking and doing aren't your strong points.  Maybe lounging, eating and smiling are more your speed you fucking asshat!

So that's my fuckin day.  That's why I didn't post yet.  I haven't had the time!  I have been seeing red and can't focus on trying to get you good people quality shit.  So here's some impromptu ranting, real deal, uncut, not proof read.  Its just hatred from the fuckin mind.  Eat it and love it.