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Written by Northe   
Friday, 30 December 2005 00:00
Yeah, you know the days I'm talking about.  The angry days, the ruff and tumble days, the Vietnamese tiger trap, ying-ying days.  The ones that make you wish that when you got out of bed to be in a camp on the outskirts of medieval war.  The days that all you want is some petty excuse to send a blunted axe into the skull of choice people that just happen to make your day, this day, painfully idiotic.  The days where you can no longer look past the ignorance and nonsensical spasms most people on this earth describe as performing in their job.  The days when Casual Friday, or for some of you asshats Beer Drinking Friday, would be the perfect day to serve up some Molotovs and watch the pretty lights.  The slow, sweet drip of flesh taking on a form of magma from the faces of the, soon to be, former wastes of space in the world days.  The type of day when I would usually sit back with that estranged grin on my face pitying the peons rather than wishing ill upon them.  "Those days," the had enuff days, the down to throw down days, the pike to the gullet days, the bare knuckle bruiser days.  Yeah, you know the days I'm talking about.

Fuck it all.  The days that when you are sitting on the computer most of the day.  The days when you're busting your ass to only reach a series of hours with nothing but sitting on your thumb to pass the time.  The days when an hour of work gets wiped from the program you're working in when you knock the phone over.  The falling phone smacks down on the keyboard, hits the perfect keys in exact order or in unison to send a rift into the stability of the machine.  The days when no one seems to speak english correctly.  The days when that tick of the clock should be a ticking package laid out on the front door of that client that makes life shit, this day, due to their incompetence.  The screwdriver to the eye days, the bat to the shin days, the ball peen to the clavicle days, the pickaxe to the spine days.  Fuck it all.

Rage in the head.  The days when there isn't a fuckin thing going on but you have to work the full 8.  No point in staying except for the hatred to generate and spread like a mephitic mold.  The days when your time spent organizing and optimizing turns feckless due to the inability of superiors, lessers and peers to be able to adapt.  The days when no one seems to get the most basic of concepts.  The days when nothing but a grenade launcher could solve traffic woes.  The days when a little nuclear fallout could solve that checkout nightmare at the grocery store.  Rage in the head.

I love "those days."  The putting everything into perspective days.  The days that are so sparse and scattered that you know if they repeated more often you might well very be one of the globulous slugs that mix and mingle forming that mass of retardation we refer to, kindly as, "humanity."  The days that make hanging out with friends and family that much better.  The accomplishment days, the milestone days, the big payoff days.  The days when you see your daughter turning into a brilliant person.  The days when she has her two best games of the year during soccer playoffs, when it counts.  That feeling of pride when she brings home nothing but As and Bs.  The days when you can see self-pride in her eyes when she knows she's accomplished something great.  Bring "those days," but bring them scarcely, cuz without "those days" I would never know how good I've got it.  I love every single day.

Here's to another great New Year.