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Written by Northe   
Friday, 06 January 2006 00:00
I realize that this is the time of year to buckle down, take a deep look within at yourself and start making some changes for the better.  I usually don't do it.  I usually think its pretty lame.  Reason being is that if you aren't at least matching your own expectations, your typical expectations, then there is something wrong with you.  Understand what I'm saying?  Every person has their own expectation everyday for themselves.  Go to work, run errands, do something that is planned.. even if relaxation is part of that expectation the thing is you do it.  Meeting goals, reading a book, completing a project, what have you are also parts of this.  Sure you can make a New Year's Resolution to say: I am going to do this project, but when you're done with that then what?  You met your resolution and you have nothing left to strive for?  Of course not.  Hence the stupidity of it all.

However, I have found a silver lining when it comes to the New Year's Resolution.  This is something that is much like a lifestyle change.  You know how people say that they want to eat less, exercise more blah blah blah.  Well, why should one limit oneself to something so finite?  There is a favorite saying of mine that I learned from Sensei Clause and its time to take back the saying and apply it once again to my life.  Loyal Angry Timer, HMT, will recognize this as soon as I say it and I know he knows that when I say it, that Northe's life, my life, is about to change drastically.

"If you wish to drown do not torture yourself with shallow water."

Think about that.  Do I even need to expound upon it or explain it to you?  I hope not bcuz I won't.  That statement, that one statement turned me from an above average martial artist to an exceptional one.  That statement stepped up my participation in my daughter's life from weekend time commuting several hours away to moving back to her neighborhood and getting to be with her as many days as possible week in and week out.  That statement changed my life.  Actually, no.  It was not the statement that changed my life, it was through my actions that I changed my life.  Yet that statement tapped into me significantly enuff to make me realize what the hell my duties are and that I should not only want to perform my duties but excel in them.

Over the years since then, I look at my right-hand warrior in life, HMT, among other soldiers that I would jump on grenades for and think to myself: Somewhere along the line I have become soft.  Hardened and tried in the realms that I moved back to my neighborhood for; my daughter, academics, mental toughness, family.  Soft in the realms that I had championed during the days of college; martial arts, physical toughness, being an upstanding citizen.  The question is if I can handle the sum total of what I expect of me?  Its rather stupid, but its a necessity to get all encompassing in the things we want to change in our lives before we can change them.  Which brings me to my next quote.

"Rule #76: Make no excuses and play like a champion."

Know where this comes from?  The Wedding Crashers and it couldn't be more appropriate for how I have always lived my life.  However, I know at this time in my life I do not abide by Rule #76.  I preach Rule #76 to others, yet I have stopped practicing it.  The best comedy in recent years, if not all time, was able to do what the previous quote did for me some 8 years ago.  With those two quotes, understood and applied, I don't think anyone can become a shadow of their once former, and greater, selves.

The catch is that you have to want it.  You have to have the urgency to accomplish whatever it is.  If you have no drive, no will, no determination then you cannot possibly win.  This is a fact.  So, to all the New Year's Suckups that want to hear resolutions or spout out their resolutions knowing that they are something worthy of a monthly checklist, do something monumental.  Push yourself.  Slacking and turtling from greatness is what the writings in this blog speak out against most.  I have gotten fat and happy in my comfort and the time has become to become harder and angrier regarding my current state so that not only will I achieve more than what I am capable but that my work here is that much more top notch.  Winning is everything and when it comes to those that I surround myself with, everybody wins.