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Written by Northe   
Thursday, 23 February 2006 00:00

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories.

Well Female Boss is at it again with the craziness.  I think she could be borderline insane, if not, a full blown mental hospital escapee.  Its that type of shit when someone is just hell bent on not letting something go.  Female Boss is this all day.  Something sets her off and its grudge time.  Not just the subliminal bullshit but much like the last story I wrote before this one.  Its the way she handles it that is really frustrating.. she harps on it.. out loud.. and won't let it go.  I really don't think she knows she is doing it and for the amount of time she is doing it for.  Its crazy.

The other day Male Boss was "raping" her as he puts it and set up a shanty town under her skin for the entire morning.  I didn't write down what initialized it all but I think Male Boss was going off on the phone with his friend about how Female Boss used to be a server in a restaurant and how some guy once tried to sue her or something.  Female Boss gets bright fuckin red and goes ballistic over the fact that he is sharing this information with someone she doesn't even know.  You know, much like what I am doing here ;)

Female Boss starts screaming at him.  I am talking slit my wrist and red cottage cheese pours out type screaming.  The type of screaming that will petrify your runny stool. This sets off Demonseed.. what he does pretty much dwarfs her screeching.  Once the ringing in my ears subside I am able to catch up on writing down the details of the aftermath.

Male Boss, after hanging up the phone with his friend, leaves Female Boss with the side comment of, "I'm gonna take a shit and see if you can calm down after that."

That was apparently the last straw in my fucked up work-a-day world.  Female Boss comes into the office absolutely seething.  She is still bright red in anger.  She takes a seat at her desk and the muttering ensues.

"Fuck you."

"Fuck you."

"Fuckin asshole.  Fuck."

"He's such an asshole.  Fuckin inconsiderate."

"He just wants to piss me off."

"Fucking shit."


This went on for a good dozen minutes.  I mean, I apologize for doing a double post on the same type of subject two days in a row but fuck.. I mean what the hell?  I have never been that frustrated listening to her stupid, nonsensical rantings in my life and trust me.. that's saying something.