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Written by Northe   
Monday, 27 February 2006 00:00

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories.

There haven't been many worthy scenarios for some Boss Warfare continuations aside from the norm.  The norm consists of minute long spats, snide remarks.. dozens and dozens too many to recant and write down.  I try to get you guys the juicy shit.  I usually fail but you keep coming back.  Good lookin' out.

Female Boss decided to get some serious payback on Male Boss for this last Chakhtee appearance.  The way she did it was fairly marginal but it worked wonders apparently.  Male Boss tends to call from the field quite a bit when not with a client.  He calls in with a bunch of ridiculous questions.  I honestly think he is just looking for something to do or someone to call cuz the relevance of the information is not worthy of his urgency.  He really doesn't listen as he tends to call back and confirm answers to questions throughout the day.. same questions, same day.  Another habit of highly effective people I assure you.

So, this time, Male Boss calls in and Female Boss picks it up.  Before long I am seeing a pattern in this conversation.  Female Boss keeps asking the question, "Why?"  Not just asking it, but asking it with a super air-headed/condescending tone.  Its great.  This is something I thought Female Boss would be incapable of doing.  I am pleased.  This is good.

To switch it up from time to time, Female Boss starts asking Male Boss questions.. likely in the middle of his talking.  Whenever Male Boss answers, (read as: takes the bait) Female Boss starts up with the Why's again.  Non stop.  Literally going on 10 minutes.  It could be any question.  Such as, What are you wearing?  Followed up by, Why?  Male Boss is either fuming mad or laughing his ass off.  Either way, the guy doesn't give up.  He refuses to hang up the phone to end the conversation with her.  I don't think there was one relevant thing said from Female Boss' end of the conversation the entire time.  Only her mocking.. for 10 minutes.  I'm sorry but if you're dumb enuff to stay on the phone with the woman while she's giving you hell, albeit a very frail version of hell, you deserve it.