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Written by Northe   
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 00:00

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories.

Male Boss and Female Boss have been at it.  Rather than trying to filter the shit and get it down to a size that would complement my Boss Warfare style of post I'd rather give it to you complete and uncut.  The beauty of these two is that no matter what the verbal exchange is between them, moments if not seconds later, its like nothing happened.  Well.. that or they hold grudges for days on end but only during certain times or when certain subject matter is discussed.  I really cannot begin to unravel the enigma of idiocy strands in DNA so I'll shut up now and get to the gettin'.

It all started with a simple question, albeit a sarcastic question.  Male Boss asks Female Boss, "Can I take The One with me back to my apartment?"

A little background, since Male Boss is from some crazy country where its suitable to call his condo an apartment.  I don't get it but whatever, his apartment and The One.. sure buddy, it ain't happening.  Female Boss starts questioning his intentions with thoughtless crap that I didn't mind writing down.  Laziness is unfortunately a factor when it comes to Angry Time.. sorry guys, you lose there.  However, after the third or fourth ridiculous query from Female Boss, Male Boss just starts laughing his ass off at Female Boss cuz he's just fuckin with her and she's too dim to realize it.  So what better way to embarrass yourself further than going bananas.. I think that's the gist anyway in this office.

"Oh I see.  You are just fucking with my mind, making me actually think that you care about The One when you don't give a flying fuck, right?"

Male Boss just laughs from the sitting room couch like a kid.  The flames of embarrassment are yet to char every shred of nobility left in Female Boss so she continues on her mission of torching herself.  This time stepping up the anger with a little bit of the rattling voice you get when adrenaline surges thru your system right before you slam that pick axe into your foe's forehead.

"Oh you're so funny, Male Boss.  I see how you love to fuck with me and aggravate me.   You think you're so bright and funny.  Well guess what?  You're an asshole.  It's not funny and no one is laughing.  Asshole, that's all you are.  An asshole."

Male Boss starts to take offense.  I mean why not stoop down to the same level as Female Boss, right?  No one is here besides Northe and he ain't telling anyone shit.  Indeed.. continue.

"Sorry I like to rape you Female Boss.  I like to rape you from time to time and I love it.  Its your dumb dog anyway, he can't be without you.  You fucked up with him and he can't help but be a pussy.  So don't worry, you keep your dog and I keep my sanity."

There are times in life when things just happen at the perfect time to drive the point home without saying another word.  This happened to be one of those times as The One, from the other room, started crying like a hyena pup searching for his mother's teet.

"See look.  Listen to him.  Stupid fucking dog you has," says Male Boss.

Male Boss didn't need to say it but he did.  It just kinda put the exclamation point on the end of the sentence as if to let her know that her idiocy has fostered a crazy dog.  A dog that is so screwed in the head that he can hardly function without an umbilical cord.  Must suck.  For us though, we reap the benefits.