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Written by Northe   
Wednesday, 04 February 2009 18:47

Would it surprise anyone that I would cover something like this?  Well, it should.  Typically I can give a shit about these prissy Hollywood types and their ilk, mostly bcuz they are responsible for so many of life's great disappointments.  Seriously, as an industry, these fucks probably dish out more disappointments annually than an eschatologist's diary.. wrap your brain around that one, cuz I'm not gonna explain further.  Time and time again, we as a race, get hyped up at the idea that Hollywood is gonna breathe life into a great story and after pathetic writers and talentless actors scatter their filth over the potential of what could have been we are left with a limp, whimpering excuse of a movie.  Before I spiral out of control on that rant, let's get back to what Angry Time celebrates.. the over the top tirade.

In case you have no clue what I am talking about, you get to test out one of the new features on the site.  Meet the new Angry Time MP3 player and one pissed off Christian Bale.

Before we let the media and all the hand wringing pussies that have floated to the top of society's bowl tell us how to look at this 4 minute clip of fantastic and raw ranting let's break shit down into 30 second sections. 

Seconds 1-30:  Bale's delivery starts off strong with the threat of physical harm, a guaranteed attention getter, but he loses the listener pretty quickly when his voice cracks when he uses the word prick.  I would say that this is prone to happening bcuz the word prick is not necessarily strong as far as insults go.  Your voice doesn't crack when you say mother fucker or shitface.  The key to a good insult is to commit, don't diminish it with half-ass invective.. I can't stress this enough.  Fortunately, Mr. Bale is a quick study and steps things up by insisting that his victim think.  This is something that I can never say often enough to idiots that surround us daily.  It's a basic suggestion that even the dimmest among us can understand, Christian is merely communicating with words that his victim can understand while pointing out that this obviously isn't happening inherently.  This is both brilliant and compassionate.  Shortly thereafter, we find Mr. Bale changing his focus.. essentially telling some person who thinks they are in charge that they are in fact not in charge.  "Don't shut me up."  This is exactly right.  The politically correct, the virgin ears that bleed and that voice inside your head that tells you not to blindside the piece of shit that doesn't put down the cell phone while checking out at the grocery store sometimes need to take a back seat.  Mr. Bale puts those that wish to squelch in their place and continues what he feels needs to be said.  At the end of these 30 seconds Mr. Bale asks a rhetorical question, again speaking down to the intelligence of his victim.

Seconds 30-60:  Before impaling his victim with the business end of a pike, Mr. Bale continues to speak to the level of intelligence demonstrated by his victim by asking, "What don't you understand?"  This is a reliable stanby but not really the best thing to pull out of the arsenal.. instead one should use this as a foundation to continue to build on.  Rather than continuing to raise the bar, Mr. Bale plummets slightly but gets points for using the words fucking and idear, incidentally or not, this could have put the tempo of the rage back on rhythm but his follow up is fairly worthless.  Clearly disappointed in himself, we find our outrider putting the relevance of this entire clip on the shoulders of his victim by forcing him to speak.

Seconds 60-90:  The answer made by the plebe is very easy to feast on and reignite the anger within anyone.  No matter what answer is given it is irrelevant in the mind of Mr. Bale, it is only fuel that perpetuates the tirade.  This is both normal and expected.  Moments later, we find Mr. Bale desperately trying to communicate his disgust with those around him.  The answer is one someone like me would hear all too often.  Whether he is in the right or wrong is not important, its that feeling that you are in a totally different universe while occupying the same space as those around you, much like my sense of dread while I am in the office.  No one else realizes the problems Mr. Bale is witnessing bcuz they are either a) too busy or b) too dumb to recognize idiocy when they see it.  This is extremely frustrating and you will see this frustration feeding our outrider from here on out.

Seconds 90-120:   Rationalizing and explaining your thoughts to a victim or those around is the wrong move and Mr. Bale starts off this portion of the clip in this manner.  Understand, if you are in this situation, you have already recognized that no one is sharing your version reality so you either cut things then and there or you continue to ramp things up.  The problem Mr. Bale faces next is that since he has now reached out to the empty suits that lurk nearby.  This is a problem bcuz these suits will then use their powers (read as: tender approach) attempting to take back control of the situation.  This is like trying to sooth a papercut with a blow torch, ultimately setting off Mr. Bale again.  The person blowing off steam doesn't need anyone's opinion and he doesn't need to be spoken to like a kindergartner, he needs to delve back into his work and get things done.  Period.  Let the shit pass and move on with your lives, everyone will perform better from there on out if you have the capacity to do so.  I can point to countless Angry Time posts where I can empathize with this feeling.

Seconds 120-150:  In this section, Mr. Bale has both feet planted back on the ground but the lingering problem is that this clown is still in plain sight.  This makes it extremely hard for the already livid Bale to cool off.  It's as if we have a jackal on the boundary of a wolf dining on a fresh kill.  Even though the jackal has no intention to get near the wolf and his kill, the wolf will not feel satisfied 'till he either takes a chunk out of the jackal or he gets it to yelp like a pup fresh off the teet.  His anger mounts again by telling the victim what exactly his problem is, not his opinion of what his problem is, but what it actually is.  Putting someone in there place using this methodology is fairly amateur but the effect is enhanced when used to correct the bumbling victim from trying to get his opinion on the record.. refute the reality and substitue, nay impose, your own.

Seconds 150-180:  This is fantastic.  The victim is getting more brash and decides that he is going to express the importance of what he is doing even though it is somehow distracting Mr. Bale.  Bad move on the victim's part.  Chances are this guy has no idea that what he is about to say is going to set off Mr. Bale but this comes as no shock as he had no idea that what he was doing to begin with would set him off.  What I do like is Mr. Bale's readiness to move on the clown.  When words don't work, there's always one way to reach someone.  Note how he acts first, warns second.. the element of surprise.. like a ninja.

Seconds 180 to End:  About the only thing worth mentioning in the last portion of the clip is the suckup that is trying so hard to control a volatile situation when he's probably never raised his voice at anyone in a real confrontation and been taken seriously.  "Good adjustments, honestly," he says.  Can you be a bigger pussy?  Can you tread more lightly and show fear more prevalently? Then, this clown asks Mr. Bale if he wants to go on a walk again!  This didn't work the first time but maybe it will this time!  Genius!  Hint: Hearing a bad suggestion twice never calms a situation.

Now I turn to you, the Angry Timer and ask, Can we at least appreciate Mr. Bale's raw anger and see why it's there?  The bottom line is that many will say that this entire situation is uncalled for.. that the words used, the length of it and the outrage is just too much.  Hogwash!  Look at the critic.  This is what I have been doing for the last 4 years on Angry Time!  Obviously, I think a well done series of insults brought on by situations like these can be therapeutic.  Granted, some idiot takes one in the chops but seriously, you shouldn't give a fuck.  Anger is part of our behavior and when it rears its venomous mandibles it should be exercised correctly.  It should be done to make a lasting effect.  Some of the notes and criticisms within this post will make you a more effective Angry Timer and should make the occassional outburst last way less than this.  Hey, who knows, maybe if done well enough you just might be able to get through to the idiot you are ripping and they just might learn something in the end.  So all in all, not bad, Mr. Bale, not bad.. but not great.