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Written by Northe   
Tuesday, 09 May 2006 00:00

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories.

I just don't even know where to to start this one, its just utterly frustrating.  Its like shoving someone on fire into a room doused in gasoline, you can't lose.  There's no way to dance around the fact that Angry Times are gonna be had cuz Female Boss has lost all sense of mental direction.  This has to do with something so simple that I would guess that most pre-schoolers wouldn't have to second guess the situation.

Basically a few weeks back we had a printer problem.  We have four printers in our office.. well I guess technically five.  We have a fifth one out in the sitting room area just in case Male Boss is too lazy to get up I can have the document print to that one.  I mean how insane is that!?  But that's another beast we'll have to flay another day.  This day, I fix this printer problem by declaring, "The printer is dead."

Male Boss asks me if I am sure.  I pull out the trump card cuz I don't feel like getting into anything technical with these people anymore.. ever.  "Well, we can probably fix it but it will cost as much as the printer itself."

Male Boss quickly jumps onto my bandwagon.  Female Boss, shockingly, doesn't have much to say about the predicament.  So I dismantle it and take it out to the trash.  The end of the day draws near and wouldn't you know it, Female Boss' printer is in need of a fresh ink cartridge.  She heads over to the cabinet where we keep our office supplies.  I can almost see the lethal dose of projectile asshattery hit her square in the mug as she pulls the cabinet doors open.

"So, wait a sec.  I can use this ink with my printer right?" she asks.

"Yeah, all of the printers we have are the exact same," I answer smugly.

There is only one type of ink in the fuckin cabinet and she has been using the same fuckin ink in her printer the entire time I have been here!  I mean come on!

"What about with your printer?"

I imagine she is asking about my printer bcuz it was the last one we bought but that doesn't excuse the stupid question, "Yeah.  All the printers are the same."

"Okay!  So we are finally good on ink compatibility!  Cool!!"

How do you reason with an insect?  Cuz that's what it feels like trying to get through to Female Boss.  I don't have the ability or the patience.  The sad thing is, in all honesty, after all that, I doubt she understands the situation.