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Written by Northe   
Friday, 09 June 2006 00:00

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories. While you're at it, go ahead and Register, approval grants access to exclusive content.

It's Thursday night, a quarter after eight, I get a phone call from Female Boss.  Apparently she decided to work late at the Investment Property and of all nights for her to burn the candle at both ends the file server goes down.  This means that all of our saved work that needs to be accessed by each of the computers in the office is no longer available.  This blows.  This is bad.  The best part is Female Boss looks to me for a solution.. great.

Knowing that her frail mind has no clue what happens in the real world, I simply pass it off and tell her that I'll have to buy the part I need in the morning.  I decide to toss in the old, "I'll probably be a little late" line.  I grab myself a Snickers bar from the freezer (oh yeah bitches you know that's the shit) head to the local computer supply sodomy zone, pick up the part, return to the homestead in a good twenty minutes and turn off the old alarm clock for a well deserved sleep-in session.  Looks like Northe wins again, right?

Let's see about that.  I come into the office the next day about an hour later than normal.  What!?  Sorry, I do have a conscience as much as I hate to admit it and didn't want to abuse the situation more than necessary.  Let that be a lesson to all of you though.. a teaching moment, some might say.  If you take a foot rather than a yard you will have taken many a yard before an eyebrow is raised.

Hey, I think I'll get back to the story.  I come into the office and the file server is unplugged.  No problemo.  I go into the actual office to turn on my computer for testing purposes.  *click* no power.. upon closer inspection my computer is unplugged.  Rather than rehook a few cables I head to the other workstation.  *click* No power either, same thing.  I decide that I'll plug in this other computer.  I go to turn on the lamp to get some light behind the desk.  *click* No power!  What the fuck!?

I take a look throughout the office.  All lamps, phones, printers, both fax machines, the copy machine, both scanners and all the computers are all unplugged.  Everything is out of the wall jacks, even the surges.

Rewind to the previous night.  As I trouble shoot over the phone with Female Boss before hanging up with her I tell her that it sounds to me like that there is a problem with the power supply.  Basically the power source for the file server is done deal, which is what I bought from the electronics store that night.  Thing is I told Female Boss that pretty much using those exact words.  So why is everything out of the walls and what not?  Let's just ask Female Boss herself.

Answer:  "Well you said there was a problem with the power supply so rather than having all the machinery in the office deplete it further I decided to unplug it all since we weren't gonna be using it till today."

Oh okay, I understand.  So yeah, here ya go.  According to Female Boss, I went to the computer store and picked up a power supply FOR THE FUCKING HOUSE, YOU NUT!