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Written by Northe   
Monday, 24 July 2006 00:00
First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories. While you're at it, go ahead and Register, approval grants access to exclusive content.

I got a few Happy One Year in-mails over the weekend for Angry Time.  Thanks for those, fellas.  However, I definitely sputtered into what should have been a festive event.  Next year maybe I'll plan a gala of sorts.  But yeah, a year in and many friends and even new friends later I'd say I'm having a good time ripping into this blog.  Enough about that shit though, its not important.  What is important is giving you Angry Timers another tale of Female Boss.

Literally about this time last year a friend of Female Boss, one of the Plastics, was interviewing for this job for some entertainment company or some such.  I dunno what the deal was but it was prestigious among the circles of mindless lemmings they hang out with.  Everyone was buzzing about the potential and dreaming up these crazy fantasies.  I don't even wanna get into the crap that Female Boss was saying.  Thinking that they were literally gonna become friends with the finest froth skimmed off the top from the cream of gene's pool in Hollywood.  Realistic..

Anyway, the whole thing died down as Female Boss would call up the Plastic every day or so asking if she heard back.  Then it went down to like twice a week and then once a month.  Female Boss probably followed up on this for about four months.  It was rather nerve racking as I would imagine that the Plastic must have felt bad enuff not getting the job let alone a call back after the interview.  On top of that, to have your friend calling and prodding you fairly often asking the status on the opportunity only adds insult to injury, in my ever so humble opinion.

I am a guy from the school of thought that prescribes to "if something comes up I will be told."  Sure, I'd give a call and ask how everything went, maybe ask a week later to follow up then I'd switch over to keeping my mouth shut.  Not Female Boss though, cuz what could be more important, the Plastic's ego or Female Boss' pursuit of stardom and living vicariously through the escapades of a middle-aged leather bag pumped full of botox and collagen?  I'm sure the real answer is shocking.

The pathetic thing about all this is that it had to have been eating away at Female Boss for the additional half year of not knowing the final answer on this issue.  It had to have been about two weeks ago or so.  Female Boss picks up the phone to call up this Plastic.  Its the usual shooting of the breeze and I could hear Female Boss really just dancing around an issue, making small talk, her heart wasn't in the conversation being had.  With a lot of contemplation, Female Boss finally gets it out, "So have you heard anything about that job yet?"

Yes, a year later.

"Oh, nothing?  Well wouldn't you think that not hearing back yet is still something positive?  I mean, they haven't denied you yet, right?"

Its crap like that where I'd pay to see the reaction on the face of the Plastic.  The look on my face remains stoic.  Nothing done in this office can even raise my pulse anymore.