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Written by Northe   
Friday, 22 September 2006 00:00
Sole Scenario:  Its the middle of the day.  I get back from my lunch break promptly at 1pm.  Taco Bell was on the menu cuz I felt I needed to build up my immunity, it was during a flue outbreak and I wasn't gonna fall prey to that bullshit.  Dining at Taco Bell made sure of it.  More on that theory another time..

I take a seat in the office and Male Boss comes in from the rear portion of the house laughing hysterically.  Female Boss follows a few steps behind telling Male Boss, "You're an asshole."

Male Boss laughs harder and louder.

"Want me to tell you why she's pissed, Northe?"

I know better than to ask questions that will give me negative faction to either Boss.  I keep my nose in my keyboard and just wait for the gem.  Its gonna come, no need to force it or make an unsavory play for it.  Just give it a second..

Snickering the whole time, "Come on Female Boss, can I tell him?"

"Fuck off, you fucking bastard."

"Come on, can I tell him how you took a big shit?"

I can feel the heat coming from the sitting room where Female Boss is seated.  She has to be bright red with fury and embarrassment.  Male Boss knows no boundaries when it comes to decency, especially with me in the office.  He tries to be the guy's guy and it comes off about as smooth as sodomy with a pine tree.

"Come on, don't be mad on me.  Its funny.  You took a huge shit.  Stinks up the whole house and clogs the toilet.  I got my hands wet helping the toilet to swallow the shit.  Just for you.  You're gonna be mad on me, Female Boss?"

Female Boss storms out of the house without saying a word.  Male Boss is laughing his ass off still.  I chuckle a little with him.  Poor lass, she really didn't deserve that.  You guys though, my Angry Timers.. you definitely deserve it.