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Written by Northe   
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 12:23

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories. While you're at it, go ahead and Register, approval grants access to exclusive content.

Sorry for the lack of everything here.  I have been so frikkin busy at work its nuts.  Which is a good thing, believe me.  However, I have left my flock in the dark and exposed to the elements without proper guidance.  It is approximately noon-thirty right now and I am so completely out of my mind pissed that I had to take a second to make a post.

With the amount of work that we have going on I have been working a lot of o'ertime.  In these types of conditions I am making sure that a good deal of my effort is merely used to hold back the workload from spilling over.  There is no catching up, only mere containment.  Now let's examine the use of Female Boss' time as she is the reason for my rage this day.. shocking I know.

This personification of sloth and insipid senselessness has spent the entire fucking day (read as: from 10am till now and still doing) on the phone with one of her heedless Plastic counterparts talking about how some property up in this ritzy part of town is shaped like a fucking horse's head.  I am not joking when I wish the god of thunder to lay down such a painful end to this idiot and whomever sympathizes with the most pathetic among us after having to hear them gawk over the most irrelevant of things.  The extent to which this has traveled is from the mere phone call to making photocopies and faxing them to other people.  From making these faxes to then receiving third and fourth line phone calls asking her to lighten up the photocopy so that it is more clear when it comes through their fax machines!  Female Boss has now started to outline this photo copy with a Sharpie to further accentuate the "horse" which is really a desperate call for her brain matter to become a valuable component of her biology as up to this point in time, clearly it is not.

As I write this, words like "incredible" and "awe-inspiring" are being flung about like a maggot would in a pool of gelatinous carrion.  In the meantime, she has so much shit she has to do I cannot even begin to explain.  Clients are calling on the myriad of shit piled on her desk and she refuses to take any calls or acomplish a mere shard of work.  Nothing!  This is far more important!  Clearly!

The actions of Female Boss today have me so unhinged that I am seeing nothing but despair wrought upon my current surroundings.  Nothing short of population-thinning could bring that twisted, vengeful smile back to my face, so don't bother trying to cheer me up with tales of woe.  There are no words that can further explain the hatred of all that is feckless and fruitless which seeps into my pores due to mere proximity of the viral infection that is Female Boss' stupidity and complete expendable existence.  There you have it.  You're welcome.