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Written by Northe   
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 00:00

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories. While you're at it, go ahead and Register, approval grants access to exclusive content.

During the time this story was going on Female Boss was taking more vacations than a popular politician.  Over a two month period she was gone for 24 work days.  Upon her latest return, a Wednesday, she told Male Boss that she was going to leave again for the weekend.  In Female Boss speak "for the weekend" meant that she would be leaving early today and we weren't likely to see her until Tuesday.  Within her pep talk about the joys of travel, Female Boss decided to drop a bombshell on Male Boss.. it would be another go at Female Boss handing the reigns over to Male Boss in regards to taking care of the pups.

Male Boss began with his usual protesting.  Female Boss was not trying to hear a thing.  Male Boss even brought up the fact that in the past he has been a terrible failure and how he resents having to take care of "those fucking dogs" as he so eloquently put it. Female Boss starts up on the "I am under so much stress" speech and wins the argument.  It doesn't shock me one bit that Male Boss doesn't have the mental dexterity to bring up the fact that she has taken tons of vacation time lately.  Instead, Male Boss folds up like a whimpering bitch and Female Boss rightfully wins the debate.

Thursday morning Male Boss comes into the office with all the dogs.  He walks into the office with all the dogs with harnessed and leashed up and a face full of shame.  I start laughing at him, Male Boss' head sinks to the floor, "Oh you think this is funny?  Look at me, Northe!"

I continue to laugh and shake my head at him.  To my delight the mocking inspires Male Boss.  It is he that will have the last laugh.

"Fuck it, Northe.  You know what I am going to do?  Leaving the fucking dogs right here!  Right fucking here!"

Rough translation means that he is not going to take the dogs back home with him.  He wants to just leave em here at the investment property essentially relinquishing him from all responsibility..

I toss him a logical question, "Are you going to come back and feed them and give them water over the weekend?"

I am met with the answer from my wildest dreams, "Hell no!  Fuck these fucking dogs!  Going to put out the bowls of food and water and thats it."

"What about their shit?" I ask.

Male Boss believes that it is in his best interest to let all the shit pile up and clean it up in one fell swoop on Monday.  I remind him of his folly of the past, that worse things can potentially happen.  Male Boss laughs in the face of death by not taking heed to my words and blows off my warnings without hesitation.

Sidebar: Gonna have to break this into two stories.  I have been slacking on finishing up a bunch of different stories here so if I get something out it will motivate me to finish this up tonight when I get home.  Tomorrow's update will conclude the story.