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Written by Northe   
Thursday, 28 July 2005 00:00
Lunchtime at work.

Female Boss turns to me, "Hey Northe, I bought some new bean things from the market you wanna split one for lunch?"

"Sounds good to me," I respond giddy at the thought of free food. Only bcuz I eat them out of house and home for free day in and day out.  The investment property is somewhat of a community property for us at this point and I make sure to exercise the community privileges as often as possible.  I'm a team player, what can I say?

"There is one in the fridge. The guys at the market just started making them, some new bean thing, just nuke it and we'll try it out. It comes with two dipping sauces too!"

So, I am pretty interested on what this could be and figure if its bad atleast I didn't pay for it. After a minute I don't see anything "new" per se.  

After taking a second glance I ask her, "Where is it again?"

"In the wrapped brown package," answers Female Boss.

I shuffle thru the fridge and come across said package. It reads as:

"Black Bean and Jack Cheese" and on the side of the package it reads: "BURRITO" in large lettering.

Dipping sauces? Salsa and guacamole. When I plate up the dishes and take them into the office for her, Female Boss says, "Oh it comes with avocado?"

"Yeah, guacamole," I say with a smug look on my face.

"Neat," she says.

Now the crux of the matter is that we have eaten burritos a million times.  We have a client that actually makes her own "dipping sauce" and "bean things" and brings them in for us on occasion!  How she couldn't string anything together is what makes her so special..

Unfuckinreal.  "Bean thing!"