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Written by Northe   
Tuesday, 02 August 2005 00:00
Female Boss just bought some towels from Egypt. She paid through the nose for these little hand towels, no clue what makes them special, I guess that Egyptian cotton.  Either way a hand towel should not enter triple digits.  That's just stupid, no matter how much money you have.

On to the point, we not only use this property as our office but also our shipping house.  I get things shipped here all the time as its just easier to make sure its delivered with no hassle.  So Female Boss cracks open the new package and is absolutely thrilled.  She lets me feel em, yeah they feel good but come on who are we kidding here, they're towels.  So after gloating for a good half hour she leaves the new towels on the counter in the kitchen.

Enter Pigfoot.  Kickass dog that he is, is as nimble as a cat and as demonic as one.  Yeah, cats are crazy just like Pigfoot.  I am at my desk writing up some paperwork and the sound of Pigfoot hopping onto and scaling over the doggy fence breaks the silence.  You see, Female Boss sets up the fence to prevent them from escaping and doing damage.  As you can tell this does a great job and the best part is she'll never learn from her mistakes as this isn't the first time something like this has happened.  Let's get another thing straight before I move on.. Pigfoot isn't a damage dog, he's more of a needy, mischievous and curious dog. Its pretty impressive cuz, as I have noted before, he's extremely agile and can hop gates that are three times his height quite easily. Well, Pigfoot done did it this time.

Somehow, Pigfoot snatched down two of the towels on the frikkin kitchen counter. Again, he is not a damage dog, so he didn't tear them to shreds or anything. Instead, he decided it was a good day for diarrhea and took a mean one all over the towels. I saw this on my way to filling up my water.

The disappointing end to this story is that Female Boss came in with literally little to no reaction at the mess that was made.  She picked up Pigfoot and just placed him back over the fence and threw the towels in the wash.  She didn't even make a mention it to me, had I not seen it, I woulda never known what happened.  Zero discipline, zero training.  Pigfoot will strike again.