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Written by Northe   
Thursday, 04 August 2005 00:00
When this guy steps in the room and you just hear the theme music. Smooth as can be, he'll dust off a tuxedo and I just hear Killah Priest's "The Professional" when he walks in the room.  He's the "Go-to Guy" when the chips are down, through and through the man is The Professional.  He kinda reminds me of Harvey Keitel aka "The Wolf" in Pulp Fiction.

For the first few months here the guy was an enigma.  He would simply come in, shake my hand and tell me, "Its a great pleasure to work with you today."  He'd pick up the day's itinerary, ask me any necessary questions and take on the clients one by one.  The end all be all is that he sounds just like Arnold.  The man is a damn king, let's face it.

So, like a gentleman, I treated him exactly the same way he treated me.  This paid off, as trust is always rewarded with inner-personality.  Enter more workplace randomness.

The conversation went something along the lines of this:

"Good morning.  Its a wonderful day and I look forward to working with you," starts The Professional.

"Fantastic," I say back to him shaking his hand.

I walk over toward the dining area to get some paperwork and The Professional starts laughing.  I have never heard the man laugh before so I turn around and ask him what he's laughing at.  He motions me in close.

"That dining room table always makes me laugh.  It reminds me of when I was young and in Germany.  My favorite Porno Tape of all time was Claudio's Castle and he would pump on a dining room table that looked just like that one.  All the big tits, all the time."

He then rose his voice, no one else was at the office so it didn't matter.  His voice boomed, "Claudio's Castle (insert like 10 crazy German words)."  It was like his battle cry.  Had he a pike in his hand surely he would have thrust it right through the marble flooring.  Right after his demeanor turned, he grabbed the paperwork from my hand, shook it and walked out to handle the daily business.

Everything changed after that day.  More tales to come about The Professional.