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Written by Northe   
Thursday, 01 September 2005 00:00

First time? Start here. Read "The Primer" and follow the link at the end. Chronological order makes more sense for the stories.

As mentioned in this post Male Boss isn't the most technologically adept business owner on the planet.  There is not a need to be skilled at using a computer in our line of work but he refuses to use one to the point of competency in even its most bare minimum tasks.  This is why it is usually not a good idea to let Male Boss near one, let alone, write proposal letters on one given his shoddy English, grammar, spelling and use of words in general.

Recently we had a falling out with a very big client of ours and are in the process of repairing this relationship.  Male Boss, after hours the other day, decided to write a letter to bridge this gap.  In his moment of glory he also decided to fax it without letting someone proofread his work.  Now if you are a loyal Angry Time reader you know how catastrophic this can be based on the very little that I have shared up to this point.. which I am proud to report the outcome is consistent with what you do know already.

Of course we didn't know that Male Boss had faxed over the letter until this morning. Indeed, the evidence was in front of us, Male Boss had printed and fired out this fax to Kate, the head honcho, at this company before either Female Boss or I arrived at the office.. likely a good 15-20 minutes before us and had left shortly after.  The phone rang, I picked it up and a woman was on the line, apparently Kate, giggling but also questioning the state of mind that Male Boss is in.  She kind of eluded to drug use but I am pretty sure it was tongue in cheek.  Female Boss picks up the phone, once I pass it to her, and turns red.  Male Boss has still not returned to the office at this point.

Apparently, Male Boss refers to e-mail as "in-mail" throughout the letter bragging about how we are "inlines" and "onlines" (read as: online - take your spelling pick because he used either/or consistently throughout the letter) ready and capable.  That our "sofistikated" (sophisticated) office can handle any and "al" (all) of their "neds" (needs) as a "commpanie" (company).

He closes the letter by letting them know that we can not only be reached via phone but via "in-mail" as well.  Our company name is in this "in-mail" address to which he misspelled in the letter.. twice.. two different ways!  Our own company name!  Then, instead of using the @ sign he spelled out "at", used spaces and used a : instead of a . for .com

Basically, "OurCompany at yahoo:com" is the way it looked.

When Male Boss finally gets back to the office, Female Boss is going ballistic.  They are screaming all over the place and he still has no idea what he has done wrong.  Male Boss uses the phrase "I did not understands" about twelve times as Female Boss tries to explain how to spell e-mail.

Eventually they cool down and Male Boss is laughing his ass off about what he did.  Female Boss is still pissed off and points out the way he spelled "sofistikated."  He says that he didn't know about "ph" sounding like an "f".  Male Boss goes on defending the way he spelled "sophisticated" by saying he used a "k" instead of a "c" like the girl's name Kate to whom he was writing to in the first place.

"Oh yeah?" says Female Boss, "Then why did you spell Kate's name C - A - Y - T - E?"